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Past Events

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Date Project Title Details
14 September 2017 terrafiniti Ten Years After The Crash - Towards 9 Billion - How Might The Financial Sector Build A Sustainable Future? Workshop and Discussion
13 September 2017 Data Technology Limited Data Technology Customer Briefing Briefing
12 September 2017 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
12 September 2017 Payments International - Informa Blockchain Summit Oxford Union Style Debate
11 September 2017 Global Launch of GFCI 22 (Chengdu) Conference - Chengdu
11 September 2017 Global Launch of GFCI 22 (Abu Dhabi) Conference - Abu Dhabi
07 September 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
02 September 2017 London Futurists Agenda for the Future Debate
27 July 2017 Make Your Financial Centre Competitive Training
19 July 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
19 July 2017 Responsibility Without Power? The Governance Of Mutual Distributed Ledgers Report Launch
17 July 2017 Firestartr Spark Series Crypto Debate Debate
13 July 2017 Security Forward Risk & Intelligence Forum Forum
12 July 2017 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
04 July 2017 Distributed Futures Forum Forum
28 June 2017 Make Your Financial Centre Competitive Training
22 June 2017 FS Club - Have We Fixed Our Financial System Yet? Discussion Dinner
15 June 2017 Migration: A Historical Perspective Lecture
13 June 2017 Artificial Intelligence Lecture
07 June 2017 Swiss Finance Institute - Zurich SFI Evening Seminar With Prof. Dr. Michael Mainelli - Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka blockchains): Myths, Facts & Fantasies Seminar
01 June 2017 The Policy Responses Lecture
01 June 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
23 May 2017 The Dark Side Of The Chain? Governing & Auditing Mutual Distributed Ledger (MDL, aka blockchain) Systems Conference
18 May 2017 AFME - Association for Financial Markets in Europe 10th Annual European Post-Trade Conference Conference
02 May 2017 Making Software 'Correct by Construction' Lecture
27 April 2017 The External Financing Position Lecture
25 April 2017 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
24 April 2017 Make Your Financial Centre Competitive Training
20 April 2017 Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation Global Financial Centres Index 21 Roundtable
11 April 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
11 April 2017 Korea-UK Tech.Biz Day Next Technology Revolution - A UK Perspective Conference
06 April 2017 The Environmental Challenges of MegaCities Lecture
04 April 2017 Distributed Futures Forum Forum
04 April 2017 What Really Happened in Y2K? Lecture
04 April 2017 Long Finance Webinar 'Modelling the Economics of Cryptocurrencies' Webinar
30 March 2017 What Will Happen When Artificial Intelligence And The Internet Meet the Professionals? Lecture
28 March 2017 MarketForce - The Blockchain Summit Reshaping Insurance: How Might Blockchains Transform Insurance? Summit
27 March 2017 Global Financial Centres Index 21 Launch - Shenzhen Press Launch
27 March 2017 Global Financial Centres Index 21 Launch - Milan Conference
22 March 2017 Security Forward Risk & Intelligence Forum Forum
21 March 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
16 March 2017 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
16 March 2017 Debt And the Household Balance Sheet Lecture
14 March 2017 BrightTALK Blockchain For Identity Authentication Infrastructure Webinar
09 March 2017 Charity Finance Group Powerful Analytics Using Excel And/Or Statistical Software You Can Use For Free Conference
07 March 2017 Talentum Events Nordic Post Trade, Stockholm Conference
02 March 2017 CAT Risk Conference 2017 Conference
28 February 2017 JWG RegTech Capital Markets Conference - KYC/DLT: Stop Talking And Just Do It Conference
22 February 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
22 February 2017 Association of Foreign Banks and techUK Tech-Banking FinTech Networking Evening Networking Evening
13 February 2017 Apprenticeship: Politics, Education, or Reality Television? Lecture
09 February 2017 Enterprise Europe Network, Swiss Embassy Innovation In Tech For Insurance Conference
07 February 2017 The Dilemmas of Privacy and Surveillance Lecture
02 February 2017 The Swiss Fintech Convention The Swiss Fintech Convention Conference, Geneva
02 February 2017 City & Financial Global Strategies for Preserving European Business Post-BREXIT: A Practical Guide For Financial Institutions Summit
02 February 2017 Trends In Inequality Lecture
01 February 2017 British Computer Society 'Elite' Mutual Distributed Ledger (aka blockchain) Technology: Business Or Technical Revolution Lecture
24 January 2017 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
19 January 2017 Distributed Futures Forum Forum
17 January 2017 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
13 December 2016 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
09 December 2016 Loughborough University International Trade Arrangements After Brexit: Establishing The Facts Conference
07 December 2016 Security Forward Risk & Intelligence Forum Forum
07 December 2016 Fintech Connect Smart Blockchains Or Shrewd Insurers: The Promises And Limits Of Mutual Distributed Ledger Technology Conference
05 December 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
05 December 2016 SAMI Consulting AI and machine learning Masterclass
29 November 2016 Make Your Financial Centre Competitive Training
28 November 2016 Intelligent Insurance - The Confluence Of Smart Ledgers, Fintech, & The Internet-of-Things Workshop
28 November 2016 London South Bank University What does Brexit mean for the City of London and the UK? Lecture
25 November 2016 ISO - CASCO Supporting The Reduction Of Insurance Losses - The Role Of Standards Workshop
22 November 2016 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
22 November 2016 The Financial Services Forum What Is The Future For Financial Services? Conference
21 November 2016 DasCoin: A Hybrid Digital Store Of Value System Seminar
17 November 2016 The Missing Links In The Chains? Mutual Distributed Ledger (aka blockchain) Standards Report Launch
16 November 2016 InsurTech Rising Blockchain Beyond The Hype - Seizing The Potential Of Distributed Ledgers Conference
14 November 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
10 November 2016 MondoVisione World Exchange Forum 16 Conference
07 November 2016 The Impact and Potential of Blockchain Seminar
03 November 2016 Professional Risk Managers' International Association PRMIA EMEA Risk Summit Summit
03 November 2016 CityForum Surging Financial Crime In A Digitised World - Can We Turn The Tide Strategy Round Table
27 October 2016 Make Your Financial Centre Competitive Training
13 October 2016 AFB (Association of Foreign Banks) Innovation & Productivity - Fail To Succeed Or Succeed To Fail? Fintech Conference
12 October 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
10 October 2016 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
06 October 2016 Ibex Earth Creating Sustainable Cities Conference
04 October 2016 London as A BREXIT Financial Centre Forum
03 October 2016 Distributed Futures - Visualisation & Reality Forum
29 September 2016 Recession And Recovery - World Traders At Gresham College Lecture
27 September 2016 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
27 September 2016 SIBOS Divergence In Finance - Big Bang Blockchains Or Boring Lowly Ledgers Seminar
27 September 2016 SIBOS Harmony Or Cacophony - The Sweet Spot For Innovation And Standards Seminar
26 September 2016 SIBOS Blockchain 101 Or MDL 202 - Mutual Distributed Ledgers Without The Cryptocurrencies Seminar
22 September 2016 *Webinar* Intergovernmental Standards for Mutual Distributed Ledgers Discussion Forum Webinar
20 September 2016 Blockchain Intelligence Global The Internet of Value: Blockchain and Financial Services Innovation Conference
19 September 2016 BNY Mellon Mutual Distributed Ledgers - Governance, Regulation, and Use Cases Conference
14 September 2016 Crash Course On Mutual Distributed Ledgers (Blockchains) Training
07 September 2016 WMA (Wealth Management Association) Blockchain For Securities Fintech Conference
05 September 2016 Centre For The Study Of Financial Innovation (CSFI) What Can Blockchain Do For The Wholesale Insurance Market? Roundtable
01 September 2016 Linear Investments Ltd What Is A Mutual Distributed Ledger And Why Is It Important Video
27 July 2016 Association of Foreign Banks Fintech & Operational Risk Roundtable
25 July 2016 Crash Course On Mutual Distributed Ledgers (Blockchains) Training
20 July 2016 Big Bang Blockchains Or Boring Banking Ledgers Seminar
19 July 2016 Blockchain Technology Explored By Economic Affairs House of Lords Committee. Watch 15:50 To 16:32 Parliamentary Committee
18 July 2016 The Potential for Blockchain Technology in Wholesale Insurance - Report Launch Report Launch
18 July 2016 Inter-Governmental Standards for Mutual Distributed Ledgers Workshop
14 July 2016 Unicom Blockchain: Distributed Ledger and Financial Services Conference
12 July 2016 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Half Day Course Training
11 July 2016 The Quiet Insurer: Mobility of the 'Other' Financial Service - Report Launch Report Launch
08 July 2016 UBS European Insurance Conference: Disruptive Innovation Mutual Distributed Ledger (blockchain) Technology And Insurance Conference
01 July 2016 CityForum Surging Financial Crime In A Digitised World Round Table
28 June 2016 Expand Venture EXPAND - Scale Up Masterclass Masterclass
28 June 2016 What Blockchain Technology Might Mean for Wholesale Insurance Workshop
22 June 2016 Responsible Investor Europe: Investing In The Future Conference
22 June 2016 The Breakfast Debate The Distributed Ledger Debate
21 June 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
21 June 2016 The Euromoney Blockchain Forum 2016: The Next Step For Global Banking Forum
16 June 2016 Conspiracy Theories: A Threat to Democracy Lecture
15 June 2016 Changing Minds and Changing Risk Lecture
15 June 2016 Book Launch Invitation: The Best of Times, by Mark Field MP Book Launch
14 June 2016 Big Data: The Broken Promise of Anonymisation Lecture
14 June 2016 The Future of the Global Financial Centres Index Conference
13 June 2016 In Safe Hands? The Future of Financial Services Revisted Workshop
13 June 2016 Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) Insurance For The Sharing Economy Roundtable
13 June 2016 ACCA Financial Services Network Big Bang Blockchains For Financial Professionals Or Boring Lowly Ledgers For Beancounters Lecture
06 June 2016 FundForum International The Fintech Collaboration For Asset Management Forum - Berlin
02 June 2016 Distributed Futures - Artificial Intelligence Forum
24 May 2016 Mathematics, Measurement and Money Lecture
24 May 2016 Shrewd Markets & Smart Settlement On Blockchains? Seminar
19 May 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
18 May 2016 Merkle Tree Chain-Finance: Blockchain Technology for Insurance Markets Forum
03 May 2016 Cybersecurity Lecture
28 April 2016 The Efficient Market Hypothesis Lecture
28 April 2016 Financial Services Club Scotland Mutual Distributed Ledgers Without The Money Focus Group - Edinburgh
19 April 2016 ICDA ICDA Blockchain Conference Conference
19 April 2016 Leaving the ERM, 1992 Lecture
18 April 2016 Handelskammer Hamburg Financial Center Hamburg meets Michael Mainelli Forum - Hamburg
13 April 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
13 April 2016 Association of Foreign Banks Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology Fintech Working Group
04 April 2016 City of London Guide Lecturers Association Thames Barges, Engines of London's Growth Forum
04 April 2016 Mythologue: Is Wealth Inequality Essential Forum
31 March 2016 UK Blockchain, China Study Tour Seminar
29 March 2016 International Conference On Contract Simplification - Blockchain Technology: The Next Big Thing Conference - Zurich
23 March 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
23 March 2016 UCL Faculty of Laws Micro-States In A Time Of Change Conference
22 March 2016 Future of Finance 2016: Data & Technology & Their Impact On Financial Services & Markets Conference
21 March 2016 Gardening Entrepreneurs Lecture
17 March 2016 Distributed Futures Forum - Identity Forum
11 March 2016 Wine Intelligence Leading Thinkers Summit Summit
02 March 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
01 March 2016 Long Finance Conference 2016 - Are You Interested Or Discounted? Long-term Social Finance Conference
25 February 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
16 February 2016 Blockchain: Why Boring Ledgers Are InsTech Forum
11 February 2016 Imperial College Bit-No-Coin: Mutual Distributed Ledgers Without The Currencies Lecture
08 February 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
04 February 2016 The Carry Trade and Uncovered Interest Rate Parity Lecture
03 February 2016 Voluntary Standards & The Insurance Industry: Why Aren't Quality Accreditations Given Direct Recognition By Insurers In The Form Of Premium Reductions Or Enhanced Cover? Presentation & Debate
02 February 2016 Truphone Bitcoin and Blockchain Answered Seminar
28 January 2016 The Lord Mayor's Gresham Annual Event - London - The Global Maritime Centre in a Changing World Lecture
27 January 2016 Financial Times European Financial Forum Forum - Dublin
21 January 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
20 January 2016 BAFT (Bankers Association for Finance and Trade) Transaction Banking Technology Global Annual Meeting - Paris
19 January 2016 The IMF Crisis, 1976 Lecture
19 January 2016 The Fintech Collaboration For Asset Management Forum
18 January 2016 Cyberspace: Security and Democracy Symposium
11 January 2016 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
17 December 2015 London Market Group (LMG) Insurance Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka blockchain technology) In Insurance Forum
16 December 2015 Distributed Futures - Chain of Custody Forum
09 December 2015 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
30 November 2015 Crash Course on Mutual Distributed Ledgers (BlockChains) Training
26 November 2015 The Equity Premium and Low Interest Rates Lecture
26 November 2015 Norton Rose Fulbright Disruptive Innovation - Impact On The Financial Services Sector Seminar
25 November 2015 The Use of Distributed Ledgers in Securities Settlement Workshop
23 November 2015 Shared Ledgers For Shared Economies or Big Data From Blockchains Seminar
23 November 2015 Bringing Innovation To The Insurance Industry - Cyber Challenges Conference
18 November 2015 Lloyd's of London The Technology Revolution - FinTech Seminar Seminar
12 November 2015 The Next Big UK Flood: Britain Under Water Lecture
12 November 2015 MondoVisione MondoVisione Exchange Forum 2015 Conference
08 November 2015 Seoul International Financial Conference 2015 Conference
05 November 2015 SAMI - Future Proofing Analytics Workshop - Associated Article Attached
03 November 2015 Busan Global Financial Forum 2015 Conference
20 October 2015 Should We Trust Computers? Lecture
20 October 2015 Momentum: Improving The Financial Well-Being Of More And More Customers Conference
20 October 2015 Keeping the Lights On: Can Renewables Meet Our Future Energy Needs? Conference
19 October 2015 European Bond Commisson Conference
15 October 2015 Capital Markets World Congress Istanbul Conference
12 October 2015 2Pears Music TechPitch 4.5 - Blockchain Technology & Data Conference
01 October 2015 The Cost of Business Cycles Lecture
29 September 2015 Distributed Futures - Regulation Forum
24 September 2015 So Hard to Measure Good Seminar
23 September 2015 Global Financial Centre Index 18 Launch - Shenzhen Conference
18 September 2015 PwC Central Bank Forum Sharing Ledgers for Sharing Economies: What Blockchain Technology Might Mean for Financial Services Forum
17 September 2015 Sir Thomas Gresham Finance Lecture - Public Interest versus Private Profits Lecture
04 August 2015 TweetChat #Stranger Danger - How to Unblock KYC & AML In Banks TweetChat
28 July 2015 Promoting UK Cyber Prosperity: Public-Private Cyber-Catastrophe Reinsurance - Report Launch Report launch
07 July 2015 Distributed Futures - InterChainZ Forum
01 July 2015 G21 Swisstainability Forum - 5th edition Two day conference
30 June 2015 CSFI - Cyber-Terrorism Insurance Round-table
30 June 2015 Underwriting Into The Future Debate
24 June 2015 *Webinar* Is There A Role For A Public-Private Cyber-Terrorism Reinsurance? Preliminary Findings Webinar
24 June 2015 Financial Services Club - Using the Blockchain to Record Financial Transactions Conference
23 June 2015 Banking Tech Forum 15 Discussion
04 June 2015 The New Art of Central Banking Lecture
02 June 2015 FINTECH Circle at BNY Mellon - Blockchain Masterclass Masterclass
28 May 2015 Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation 5th GIB Sustainable Infrastructure Summit Summit - Basel
26 May 2015 Why Businesses Fail and What Can Be Done About It Lecture
06 May 2015 The World Traders' Tacitus Debate 2015: Do We Need The City? Lecture
29 April 2015 CQI - Fixing The Value Of Quality: Voluntary Standards, Markets & Finance (CDP'd by Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) Seminar
29 April 2015 CSFI - Chain Of A Lifetime: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance Seminar
21 April 2015 Civil Society, Liberalism and the Role of the State Lecture
21 April 2015 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Intensive New Half Day Courses For Civil Society Leaders Training
15 April 2015 PRMIA Webinar - What Blockchain Technology Might Mean For Risk Management In Financial Services Webinar
09 April 2015 The Environment: Taking Limits to Growth Seriously Lecture
26 March 2015 Oikos Spring Meeting 2015 Conference
26 March 2015 Finance Toolkit for Sustainable Cities - Report Launch Report Launch
24 March 2015 Get More From Your Data With Predictive Analytics: Intensive New Half Day Courses For Civil Society Leaders Training
23 March 2015 Global Launch of GFCI 17 Conference - Busan
12 March 2015 Lies, Damned Lies And Taxation Simplification Seminar
09 March 2015 New Garden Cities Alliance - Round Table Round Table
04 March 2015 Caribbean Investment & Finance Forum Conference
03 March 2015 Long Finance Conference 2015 - The Curious Case of Japan: Why Macroeconomics Needs A Rethink Conference
03 March 2015 The Study Of Money May Be The Root Of Much Madness: The Fragile Foundations Underneath Economics Lecture
02 March 2015 Putting Passion Into Governance - Just Theory Or Real World Benefit? Conference
17 February 2015 UN PRI *webinar* - The Case for Investor Engagement in Public Policy
05 February 2015 City of London Corporation Innovation & Growth - TechPitch Conference
04 February 2015 PRMIA Webinar - Long Finance - What Are The Frontiers For The Risk Management Profession? Webinar
03 February 2015 The Shape of Things to Come: How our changing demographic structure will shape future society and health. Lecture
29 January 2015 The Psychology of Doing Nothing Lecture
29 January 2015 *Webinar* Finance Toolkit for Sustainable Cities: Challenges & Opportunities for Innovation Webinar
29 January 2015 Rushlight Show 2015 Conference
27 January 2015 Calculating and Communicating Uncertainty Conference
26 January 2015 Have Banks Lost Their Mojo? Long Banking - Cass Business School Seminar
19 January 2015 This Lecture Will Surprise You: When Logic is Illogical Lecture
14 January 2015 Magna Carta Uncovered: The City and The Charter Lecture
13 January 2015 People, Protection and Parameters: Comparing Flooding in the UK and the Netherlands Lecture
24 September 2014 Annual Integrity Debate 2014: Do UK savers and investors get a fair deal? Debate
04 December 2014 Predictable Surprises Lecture
04 December 2014 Greenness in Business and the City Lecture
01 December 2014 Future Cities Catapult and the City of London - Urban Innovation and Investment: The Role of International Financial Institutions and Development Banks Panel discussion
27 November 2014 GFRI and UNIGE - Geneva Summit for Sustainable Finance (Geneva, Switzerland) Summit
27 November 2014 Interxion Modern Swiss Banking in a Viciously Competitive World Round Table - Zurich
26 November 2014 Associate Parliamentary Group on Wholesale Financial Markets and Services Professionalism in Financial Services Discussion & debate
19 November 2014 One Study Training Fraud in Finance Conference - St Helier
17 November 2014 LSE - How Finance Is Tackling Sustainability: A Roadmap to the Future Public event
17 November 2014 How To Build, Nurture And Grow The Next Generation Of Tech Superstars Seminar and Webinar
14 November 2014 Stirling Capital Partners - 2nd Annual Infrastructure Investment Conference for Pension and Sovereign Wealth Funds Conference
12 November 2014 MondoVisione Exchange Forum Forum
06 November 2014 What Is Stewardship? ...And Why Does It Matter? with E O Wilson Conference
06 November 2014 When Is A Commission A Bribe? A Practical Exploration Into Responding To Current And Future Ethical Issues On Business Lecture
04 November 2014 Royal Statistical Society - A Very Unlikely Event with fantasy author Jasper Fforde and Tony Bendell Event
30 October 2014 History of Statistics Conference
30 October 2014 London Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 'The Indian Economy and Inward Investment' with Dr Subramanian Swamy Afternoon event
29 October 2014 The Sir Thomas Gresham Docklands Lecture 2014 - Financial Markets After The Crisis - More Europe or Less? with Verena Ross, ESMA Lecture
28 October 2014 ICAEW and IOD - Debate on Integrated Reporting: An Emerging Global Trend Debate
28 October 2014 Concentrated Power and Consequences Debate
19 October 2014 ICOBIGE Long Finance - Socially Useful Banking Conference - Tehran
09 October 2014 There Is An Alternative - National Economic Strategies In A Crowded World Seminar
08 October 2014 CISI - European Institutional Investors and Securities Class Actions Seminar
07 October 2014 Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy - Costing London's Growth Conference
02 October 2014 Is The Risk Worth A Financial Centre? Conference
02 October 2014 Exploring Ephemera: The Illumination of History Lecture
01 October 2014 *Webinar* How Might Blockchain Technology Transform Personal Insurance Webinar
29 September 2014 Worshipful Company of World Traders - The City Under Threat? Challenges for the City in a Changing EU with Alderman Fiona Woolf and Michel Barnier. Conference
27 September 2014 iGTB SIBOS 2014 Socially Useful Transaction Banking Conference - Boston
24 September 2014 The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain Lecture
23 September 2014 PwC Central Bank Forum Long Finance What's That Got To Do With The Price Of Fish? Forum
22 September 2014 Casablanca Finance City Authority - GFCI 16 International Launch Conference
18 September 2014 Bridging the Gaps - Between Investment and Global Resources Trends Workshop
18 September 2014 From Gold to Paper and Back Again Lecture
17 September 2014 Long Finance - What's That Got To Do With The Price Of Fish? Book Launch
17 September 2014 The Fight Against Economic Crime - How Governments & Industries Can Jointly Address Cyber Risks: The Case for Cyber Reinsurance Conference
11 September 2014 People, Risk and Uncertainty over Time: How Might Blockchain Technology Transform Personal Insurance Workshop
10 July 2014 Opportunities for Standards in Investment & Asset Management Workshop
09 July 2014 City of London Festival - Does Emotion or Reason Dictate the Financial Markets? Debate
04 July 2014 The Future of Money - Association of Heterodox Economists Conference
03 July 2014 The Future Of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs To Computerisation with Dr Carl Benedikt Frey Seminar
02 July 2014 City of London Festival - What is the Cost of Breaking Up Britain? Debate
02 July 2014 BT - Bracing for the Wave or Sailing Ahead of It? Reducing Risk Through Benchmark Data Controls Webinar
02 July 2014 CBI & CISI - Climate Bonds: a significant development in the Debt Capital markets? Seminar
01 July 2014 Opportunities for Standards in Insurance Workshop
01 July 2014 Willis' Understanding Risk Forum - Disaster Resilience: Science, Capital and Regulation Conference & reception
01 July 2014 City of London Festival - Can the City be Socially Useful? Debate
26 June 2014 Base London 2014 - Building a Better London One day conference
25 June 2014 Willis' UN Summit on Disaster Resilience in the Private Sector One day conference
25 June 2014 City of London Festival Debate - Is Money the Route of Evil? Debate
24 June 2014 Voluntary Standards Markets and Investment & Asset Management Workshop
23 June 2014 Environmental Finance - Environmental Bonds 2014 Day conference
13 June 2014 Geneva Internet Platform - Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies - Political, Technical, Monetary and Development Context Seminar
11 June 2014 The Inaugural Tacitus Debate 2014 - Is Energy Just Another Power Game Debate
11 June 2014 Voluntary Standards Markets and Insurance Workshop
02 June 2014 The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers 2014 Lecture - People, Planet, Profit: A Revolution in Integrating Global and Local for a Resilient Future with Professor Peter Head Lecture
02 June 2014 Cambridge Centre for Financial History - Monetary Policy and Financial Repression in Britain 1951 to 1959 with William Allen
29 May 2014 The Continental Drift - In or Out? What are the risks and opportunities for British businesses if the UK leaves the EU? Conference
26 May 2014 Cambridge Centre for Financial History - This Time Is Different - Causes and Consequences of British Banking Instability over the long run with Christopher Coyle
15 May 2014 European Insurance Forum 2014 Conference
14 May 2014 What Might Blockchain Technology Mean For Traditional Financial Services? Seminar
13 May 2014 European Commission (Directorate for Climate Action and Resource Efficiency) Renaturing Cities: Addressing Environmental Challenges and the Effects of the Financial Crisis through Nature-Based Solutions Conference - Brussels
12 May 2014 CSFI - The Global Financial Centres Index Roundtable
07 May 2014 St Paul's Institute and Others - Climate Change: Building the Will for Action with Christiana Figueres UNFCCC Conference
05 May 2014 World Cities Network - Forum One London Two day forum
05 May 2014 Cambridge Centre for Financial History - The Investment Networks Of Early Modern London with Edmond Smith Seminar
30 April 2014 Is It Really The Case That Economic Success Is Negatively Correlated With Sporting Success? Lecture
25 April 2014 World Cities Network - Tomorrow's City Infrastructure Two day conference
16 April 2014 Humanity And A Million Years of Sea Level Change Lecture
08 April 2014 The Royal Society and BT - Science, Industry and Big Data One day seminar
07 April 2014 Grantham Institute for Climate Change Annual Lecture 2014 - Project Sunlight Creating the Right Climate for Growth with Paul Polman CEO of Unilever Lecture
27 March 2014 Saving Havens - Offshore, Onshore Or Mid-Shore Financial Centres Symposium
26 March 2014 Long Finance Spring Conference 2014 - Steady As She Goes: Long-Term Performance Measurement In Finance Conference
25 March 2014 SWIFT & SWIFT Institute - The Future of Financial Standards Conference
25 March 2014 The Museum And Historical Collections Of The Bank of England Lecture
25 March 2014 London South Bank University - Governing Banks: How Would An Ethical Framework For Good Banks Make Any Difference? with Professor Michael Mainelli Lecture
20 March 2014 KTN Financial Services - Rethinking the Economics of Pensions II Two day conference
19 March 2014 How far down the road to recovery is the UK and how much more austerity is needed? Lecture
17 March 2014 Might As Well Toss A Coin: How Random Numbers Help Us Find Exact Solutions Lecture
17 March 2014 Global Financial Centres - CISI Seminar
13 March 2014 Gresham And Defoe (Underwriters): The Origins Of London Marine Insurance Lecture
13 March 2014 Tomorrow's Company - London, a City of Cities, a City for Cities with Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf
13 March 2014 The Limerick Lecture - The City of London at the cross-roads Lecture
12 March 2014 Roundtable Financing Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities Roundtable
10 March 2014 City Forum Safer Cities - People, Security, Technology Seminar
03 March 2014 Centre for Financial History University of Cambridge - The Political Economy of Inflation in the 1970s with Professor Jim Tomlinson Seminar
27 February 2014 ICT KTN ICT KTN - Career opportunities for Women in the High-Tech Sectors Seminar
26 February 2014 Royal Society, BT, ICT KTN - Policy & Strategy in a Global Cyber World - Cyber Re One day workshop
26 February 2014 Rushlight Events - M&A Opportunities in Cleantech Investor briefing
18 February 2014 Probability And Its Limits Lecture
17 February 2014 Centre for Financial History University of Cambridge - The Irish Famine and British Financial Crisis with Charles Read Seminar
12 February 2014 Can The Euro Survive Globalisation? Lecture
30 January 2014 Long Finance Symposium 'Measuring Up Cities' Symposium
30 January 2014 Rushlight Show 2014 Conference
28 January 2014 Worshipful Company of Plumbers - Opportunities and Challenges in the Low-Carbon Economy with Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf and David Kennedy Lecture
27 January 2014 Long Finance: Big Data Needs Big Theories Lecture
22 January 2014 Frontline Fund Governance For The New Pension Paradigm Seminar
21 January 2014 Jeevika Trust 2014 Lecture - The East India Company - Commerce, Conquest and Contraband with Nick Robins Lecture
16 January 2014 Evolution or Revolution? Democratising Money Seminar
14 January 2014 The Decision To Seek Entry Into The European Community Lecture
09 January 2014 Global Impact Investing Network & Triodos Bank Long Finance: A Short Perspective Conference - Zeist
13 December 2013 University of Sussex - Acting on Principle - Themes from Onora O'Neill Workshop on Kantian Ethics Two day workshop
11 December 2013 Was Karl Marx Always Wrong? Lecture
10 December 2013 Fuelling The Debate: The English Corn Law Returns, The Corn Laws And The Birth Of Political Economy Lecture
26 November 2013 Grantham Annual Lecture - Anthropocene: The Closing Doors of Climate Targets with Prof. Thomas Stocker Lecture
19 November 2013 Should The UK Adopt Money GDP Targets? Lecture
19 November 2013 Financing Tomorrow's Cities - Launch Event Launch event
19 November 2013 EU Energy Policy 2030: Friend Or Foe To Energy Investment? Breakfast seminar
18 November 2013 Backing Market Forces - How To Make Voluntary Standards Markets Work For Financial Services Regulation - Report Launch Report Launch
14 November 2013 Castle Debate - Adapting to Increased Competition for Natural Resources Debate
13 November 2013 Devil's In The Details - Angel Investors And Innovation For The Long Term Breakfast Seminar
11 November 2013 Is Man Just Another Animal? Lecture
11 November 2013 Battle of the Quants - Shanghai Three days conference
07 November 2013 Why Go To The USA Or Germany For Money? Why Can't We Have Private Placements In The UK? Breakfast Seminar
05 November 2013 An Afternoon with Thomas Herndon: Does High Debt Consistently Stifle Public Growth? Seminar
22 October 2013 Public Key Cryptography: Secrecy In Public Lecture
14 October 2013 CISI and EFFAS conference - Long-Term and Sustainable Finance Two day conference
10 October 2013 Insurance Institute of London - Clustering and Technology in Global Insurance - A Right Royal Exchange of Viewpoints Lecture
10 October 2013 GIIN Investor Forum (London, UK) Two day conference
09 October 2013 UK National Debt: Lessons From History for a Forgetful Government Today Book launch
02 October 2013 Stochastic Market Efficiency Breakfast Seminar
01 October 2013 Tomorrow's Thought Leadership Lecture: Tomorrow's technologies Conference
26 September 2013 The Currency of Management: What Managing Money Teaches Us About Managing People Lecture
19 September 2013 UKSIF 2013 Annual Lecture with Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE Lecture
18 September 2013 The Civil Society Forum Optimising Decision Outcomes Evening Introduction
16 September 2013 Sir Thomas Gresham Docklands Lecture - This Is Not My Beautiful House; This Is Not My Beautiful Wife - Images and Illusions of Investment Banking with David Weaver Lecture
10 September 2013 How to Make Voluntary Standards Markets Work for Financial Services (Regulation)? Preliminary Research Findings Workshop
09 September 2013 Time For A Solution: A Celebration of the Resolution of the St Petersburg Paradox Panel discussion
19 July 2013 UNEP FI - Portfolio Carbon - Measuring, disclosing and managing the carbon intensity of investments and investment portfolios Report launch
10 July 2013 The Role of Standards Markets in Finance Workshop
04 July 2013 Bonds and Climate Change: The State of the Market 2013 Report launch
01 July 2013 Rushlight Briefing - Latest Financing Methods and Issues for Renewable Energy and Clean Infrastructure Projects Seminar
26 June 2013 Battle of the Quants: Quantitative Capital Introduction Roundtable
21 June 2013 Busan Financial Hub On International Marine Finance Conference
20 June 2013 Cambridge Group in the History of Economic Analysis - Richard Arena: Sraffa and Wittgenstein on methods differences Seminar
13 June 2013 Taking Modern Money Apart Lecture
13 June 2013 FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Conference & Awards 2013 Conference
10 June 2013 Cambridge Centre for Financial History - Predicting The Past: Understanding The Causes Of Bank Distress In The Netherlands In The 1920s Lecture
05 June 2013 House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee Breakfast Seminar on Green Finance Breakfast Seminar
03 June 2013 The Kingdom of Tonga - New Opportunities in the Heart of the Pacific Breakfast Discussion
30 May 2013 Killing Us Softly: How Demographics Drive Global Economies Lecture
28 May 2013 Armageddon in Cyberspace Lecture
27 May 2013 Cambridge Centre for Financial History - The Disappearing Equity Risk Premium On The 1920s NYSE Lecture
16 May 2013 Riding The Elephant - Strategic Issues and Interests in New India Lecture
15 May 2013 Trucost - Linking Environmental and Financial Performance Webinar
14 May 2013 Morningstar Investment Conference Conference
13 May 2013 Cambridge Centre for Financial History - The Pricing Revolution in Marine Insurance, 1600-1824 Lecture
09 May 2013 CISI & ACCA Restoring Confidence in Finance Seminar - Dublin
07 May 2013 NSFM - Meeting with Anat Admati co-author of The Bankers' New Clothes: What's Wrong with Banking and What to Do About It Breakfast event
02 May 2013 The Future of Money: Money is Meaningless with Chris Skinner Conference - Edinburgh
30 April 2013 Long Finance: The Price Of Fish - (SIMA) Lecture
29 April 2013 A Global Census Of Corporations In 1910 Lecture
25 April 2013 Environmental Finance - Environmental Bonds 2013 Conference
24 April 2013 Between The Crashes: Reflections and Insights on UK Politics and Global Economics in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis Book Launch
23 April 2013 What Makes A Good Professional? Seminar
18 April 2013 Carbon Tracker Initiative - Unburnable Carbon: Avoiding wasted capital and stranded assets with Lord Nicholas Stern Conference
18 April 2013 Technical Analyst Awards Dinner Awards Dinner
17 April 2013 ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability 7th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference - Geneva
09 April 2013 What's it Worth? Values, Choice and Commodification Lecture
27 March 2013 Smart Sustainable Cities - Opportunities And Challenges Conference
25 March 2013 Global Launch of GFCI 13 Panel Discussion
21 March 2013 Rethinking the Economics of Pensions 2 day conference
20 March 2013 The Anglosphere Beyond Churchill: An Exploration Of Commonwealth And Commerce Discussion
19 March 2013 The Psychology Of Money Lecture
19 March 2013 CISI CISI Financial Reporting Unplugged Lecture
13 March 2013 Long Finance Spring Conference 2013 Conference
04 March 2013 Scandal!: American Business Magazines In The Great Depression Lecture
28 February 2013 ecoConnect - British Bioenergy: Beauty of the Beast? Investment and Supply Chain Opportunites and Challenges Forum
27 February 2013 Tomorrow's Finance Lecture: Sustainable Capitalism & The Transition To A Low Carbon Economy Lecture
19 February 2013 D Shirreff and R Sarre EuroCrash! The Musical Theatre
18 February 2013 Farewell To Prices And Incomes Policy Lecture
14 February 2013 Keep Your Lid On - Pensions Valuation Roundtable
06 February 2013 Grantham Institute for Climate Change - World Energy Outlook by Dr. Fatih Birol (IEA) Lecture
05 February 2013 The Economics of the Very Long Run: From Fire to Finance in Two Million Years Lecture
04 February 2013 Of Rules And Exceptions: Financing A Modern Steel Industry In The United States, 1865-1888 Lecture
01 February 2013 Steadfast In Tradition: Open Arms To Innovation Conference - Bimini
31 January 2013 Rushlight Clean Technologies Show 2013 Show
29 January 2013 CISI Generation Y: the (modern) world of personal finance Panel discussion
10 January 2013 What The Dickens? The City's Great Financial Scandals Past & Future Symposium
09 January 2013 What is the Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on Emerging Markets? Workshop
08 January 2013 The Corporation That Changed the World - The East India Company Book Launch
13 December 2012 Grantham Institute Annual Lecture 2012 with Dr John Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Lecture
06 December 2012 Improving Confidence in Corporate Reporting Panel Discussion
05 December 2012 Tomorrow's Finance Lecture Series - How do we make finance socially useful? Lecture
04 December 2012 Risk, Equality and Opportunity - The Roles for Government Finance Lecture
29 November 2012 Mortality Past and Present: John Graunt's Bills of Mortality Symposium
29 November 2012 Tomorrow's Company & UNEP FI - Tomorrow's Capital Markets Seminar
26 November 2012 CSFI - Is the City's international pre-eminence under threat? Roundtable
26 November 2012 Offshorealert Conference Europe Conference
22 November 2012 Time For A Change: Introducing Irreversible Time In Economics Lecture
22 November 2012 Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce & Flag Structuring Real Estate in Europe Seminar
22 November 2012 ESDN Workshop - Financial Markets, Institutions and Policies in the Context of Sustainable Development (Brussels) Two day workshop
19 November 2012 UNEP FI & Bloomberg - London Launch of the E-Risk report Report launch
14 November 2012 Long Finance Autumn Conference 2012 - Measures Beyond Money Conference
14 November 2012 Meta-Commerce Workshop Workshop
08 November 2012 Taking And Giving: Roles In Philanthropy Old And New Symposium
31 October 2012 CariForum What Do Caribbean IFCs Need To Do To Survive And Prosper In The 21st Century? Seminar - Antigua
30 October 2012 Confidence Accounting - a revolution in the making Seminar
30 October 2012 Dissecting Our Energy Future - Positioning The UK For Economic Success Debate
29 October 2012 Leading at the Top: Power & Politics Symposium
25 October 2012 Finance, Forestry and PEFC - How Is Forest Certification Relevant? Breakfast event
18 October 2012 ecoConnect Women in Cleantech Forum: the State of UK's Investment Landscape Forum
14 October 2012 National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) 2012 Multiple events
09 October 2012 Markets in their Place: Moral Values and the Limits of Markets Lecture
04 October 2012 Istanbul International Finance Center Project Workshop
02 October 2012 The Chemical & Physical Society of UCL The Price of Fish: Science & Long Finance Lecture
27 September 2012 Darwin and Derivatives: 19th Century Insights into 21st Century Finance Lecture
26 September 2012 Long Finance: Global Financial Centres, Confidence Accounting And The Price of Fish Lecture
19 September 2012 Sustainable Economics & The Price of Fish Lecture
12 September 2012 Confidence Accounting Roundtable Roundtable
05 September 2012 UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association Annual Lecture Lecture
26 July 2012 ecoConnect - Green in the City Forum on Electricity Storage: Renewable's Holy Grail Forum
13 July 2012 Long Finance And The Price Of Fish: Thoughts On The Future Of Money Global Summit - Lithuania
04 July 2012 Financial Services Club - The Price of Fish Discussion
02 July 2012 Tomorrow's Finance Lecture Series - Regulation - But Is It Effective? Lecture
30 June 2012 Long Finance and Short Monetary Systems Forum - Geneva
28 June 2012 EcoConnect - The Future of Water Technology - Innovation and Investment Opportunities Panel discussion
20 June 2012 UCL Fintech 2.0 Forum
02 June 2012 BBC World Service In The Balance: An Economic Super-State? Radio Show
31 May 2012 ecoConnect - Cleantech and Green IT in the Real World - Challenges and Opportunities Forum event
29 May 2012 Breakthrough Capitalism The Future's Already Here Forum
24 May 2012 ACP - Mainstreaming Carbon Management Conference Two day conference
24 May 2012 CISI Long Finance or Short Monetary Systems CPD Seminar
23 May 2012 Regulating the Regulators Lecture
23 May 2012 St Paul's Institute The Moral Limits of Markets Lecture
22 May 2012 Luxembourg For Finance & COLC Delivering Growth Through Sustainable Finance Financial Seminar
17 May 2012 Worshipful Company of World Traders Current Issues in Sustainability Seminar
17 May 2012 ACP Annual Conference - Building Low Carbon Skills and Innovation Conference
15 May 2012 Home Office Mathematics Lecture
15 May 2012 Rushlight Investor Briefing - Water: An Attractive Investment Opportunity Investor Briefing
14 May 2012 Tomorrow's Finance Lecture Series - Of Markets and Men Lecture
14 May 2012 PRIMIA Global Risk Conference Managing Through Crisis: Risk Capacity Versus Risk Appetite Conference Presentation
09 May 2012 EDHEC-Risk Days Asia 2012 Conference
07 May 2012 Natural Capital Declaration Financial Institutions Leading the Way to Rio+20 Webinar
03 May 2012 Environmental Finance - Forestry, Biomass & Sustainability 2012 Two days conference
30 April 2012 CISI Long Finance Or Short Monetary Systems CPD Seminar - Gibraltar
25 April 2012 SWIFT SWIFT Business Forum Conference
03 April 2012 The Roman Denarius And The Euro: A Precedent For Monetary Union? Lecture
29 March 2012 Philanthropy Then, Philanthropy Now Lecture
28 March 2012 Fondation Geneve Place Financiere Thriving in a Post-Crises World? Swiss Financial Centres Panel Discussion - Geneva
27 March 2012 EDHEC-RIsk Days Europe 2012 3 day conference
27 March 2012 ESG Asia 2012 Conference
22 March 2012 The Kay Review - Interim Report Presentation
20 March 2012 The End Of Space And Time? Lecture
14 March 2012 Grantham Institute for Climate Change - Attitudes in America to Investing, Resource Limitations and Global Warming Lecture
13 March 2012 Clean Energy in 2012 and Beyond Investor Briefing
08 March 2012 Gresham's Law In Economics: Background To The Crisis Lecture
01 March 2012 Long Finance Spring Conference 2012 - Into the Folly of Value: Reforming Sustainable Finance Conference
01 March 2012 Sustainable City Awards Ceremony Awards Ceremony
27 February 2012 The Tomorrow's Value Lecture Series - Slow Finance Lecture
27 February 2012 Information Systems Research Forum Transparency, Measurement and ICT: Cause of, or Cure for, the Next Financial Crisis? Seminar
10 February 2012 WRN Global Flood and Windstorm Risk Models Conference
01 February 2012 Rushlight Clean Technologies Show Show
31 January 2012 CSFI - Paper Promises: Money, Debt and the New World Order Round table
25 January 2012 In Safe Hands? The Future of Financial Services Report launch
19 January 2012 Unweaving the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing System Lecture
11 January 2012 Round Table to launch Asset Management Round Table Discussion
30 November 2011 Capita - Governance For Advantage Seminars: Beyond The Board Seminar
29 November 2011 Liability Driven Investment (LDI) - Does it really make sense after all? Seminar
29 November 2011 Investor Briefing: New business models for goods and services in a sustainable economy Conference
28 November 2011 MondoVisione Exchange Forum - What It Means to be a Financial Centre in 2011 Conference
21 November 2011 The Future of EU And Global Markets Lecture
17 November 2011 The Price of Fish: Making Sense Of The Way The World Really Works Lecture & Book Launch
14 November 2011 Get Shorty - Sir Thomas Gresham Lecture with Andy Haldane Lecture
14 November 2011 CSFI - Capitalism without Owners: A Recipe for Failure Round table
11 November 2011 Tomorrow's Natural Business Conference Conference
08 November 2011 Understanding the Politics Behind the Euro Crisis Workshop
04 November 2011 Long Finance Autumn Conference 2011 - Bubble Trouble? Pop Goes Sustainability Conference
03 November 2011 Grantham Institute for Climate Change - Living with limits: growth, resources and climate change Lecture
06 October 2011 Financial Services Club Scotland What Is The Future For Global Finance? Presentation - Edinburgh
27 October 2011 What Makes A Good Regulator? Symposium
19 October 2011 UNEP FI Global Roundtable - The Tipping Point: Sustained Stability In The Next Economy Roundtable
12 October 2011 World Council for Corporate Governance - Global Convention 2011 Two Day Conference
11 October 2011 CISI - Cleantech Debate Panel Discussion
05 October 2011 Eco-Cities In China: Opportunities and Challenges Discussion
05 October 2011 Financial Services Club Scotland - The Future of Global Financial Centres Conference
04 October 2011 GTQ International - Enhanced ESG Analysis Conference Two Days Conference
28 September 2011 The State and Future of Occupational Pensions Lecture
27 September 2011 Can Fairtrade prosper in a recession? Debate
22 September 2011 Investor Briefing: Commercial issues and technology developments in sustainable manufacturing, goods and services Briefing
13 September 2011 Creating Climate Wealth Summit 2011 Two Days Conference
08 September 2011 The Financial Services Club - What Is The Future For Global Finance? Panel Discussion
08 September 2011 NCEO & CEOI Joint Science Conference 2011
01 September 2011 London Sustainability Exchange - CSR Breakfast Seminar Series Seminar
25 July 2011 London First London First - Big, Brave Or Boring Banking Debate Debate
13 July 2011 St Paul's Institute Just Share - Climate Change and the City
06 July 2011 Emerging Markets and Climate Change Public lecture
04 July 2011 Forum for the Future conference - Overcoming barriers to long-term thinking in financial markets Conference
29 June 2011 Culture And Resistance: Indigenous Responses To A Globalised World Public lecture
27 June 2011 The Great Game: Clustering In Wholesale Financial Services Round Table
23 June 2011 Environmental Costs Q & A Q & A
08 June 2011 Commercial Issues And Technology Developments In Energy Efficiency Investments In The Built Environment conference
26 May 2011 Driving Change In Payments Conference 2011 Conference
19 May 2011 Financing Retirement: History And Policy Changes Lecture
19 May 2011 SWIFT - Long Finance: Financial Centres and Transactions Across Generations Conference
11 May 2011 Confidence Accounting - Fixing A Root Problem In Financial Systems Seminar
11 May 2011 Science's First Mistake: Delusions In Pursuit Of Theory? Lecture
06 May 2011 UNEP FI - REDDy Set Grow Conference
19 April 2011 Seeking Energy Efficiency Nirvana: Using Smart Technology and Smart Data To Save Energy Round Table
04 April 2011 The Tomorrow's Value Lecture Series - The Economics Of Value And The Value of Economics Lecture
28 March 2011 Information Systems And The Financial Crisis: Is Technology To Blame? Workshop
24 March 2011 Long Finance-London Accord Spring Conference 2011 - Peak Everything: Enough To Go Around? Conference
14 March 2011 Environmental Finance - Environmental Bonds 2011: New Opportunities For The Capital Market In The Green Economy Conference
09 March 2011 Tomorrow's Company Beyond Regulation: Improving Corporate Governance In The UK And Beyond Conference
22 February 2011 Rushlight Investor Briefing - Commercial Issues And Technology Developments In Organic Waste Investments Briefing
16 February 2011 Scenarios For Financial Services Round Table
27 January 2011 Rushlight Clean Technologies Show Conference
20 January 2011 Global Policy Institute: The Future Of Pensions Seminar
08 December 2010 Thinking the Long Finance: The Perils of Excessive Short-Termism Conference
30 November 2010 A New Economic Model For Europe: Building Sustainable Growth Lecture
30 November 2010 Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow: The Future of Pensions
24 November 2010 Long Governance: Is Reform Still Needed? Round Table
24 November 2010 Long Governance - Is Reform Still Needed? Symposium
16 November 2010 Changing Money: Communities, Longer Term Finance And You Lecture
15 November 2010 Finance, Biodiversity And Managed Ecosystems: Where's The Data? Symposium
10 November 2010 A Swift Survey of Fundamentalism
02 November 2010 Extinction Or Evolution? The Future For Off-Shore Centres Lecture
25 October 2010 SWIFT SIBOS 2010 Long Finance: When Would We Know Our Financial System Is Working? Conference - Amsterdam
18 October 2010 Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation: Global Financial Centres Index Round Table
13 October 2010 Associate Parliamentary Group on Wholesale Financial Markets and Services The UK & Global Competitiveness in Financial Markets: the Challenges...... Discussion & debate
12 October 2010 London Accord Autumn Conference 2010 - Whose Brains? ESG Data and Intellectual Property Conference
28 September 2010 Rushlight And Forbury Environmental Present The Market Trends And Technology Developements In Solar Energy Investor Briefing
28 September 2010 Beyond Crisis - The World's Next Decade And The Implications For Organisations Lecture
20 September 2010 Long Finance Autumn Conference 2010 - Sustainability: Root Problems In Finance Conference
20 September 2010 Finance And Forestry Round Table Round Table
22 June 2010 London Accord Summer Social Aboard The Lady Daphne Networking Event
16 June 2010 How Would Adam Smith Fix The Financial Crisis? Lecture
15 June 2010 The Eternal Coin: Physical Endurance Or Digital Failure Dinner
07 June 2010 Centre For the Study of Financial Innovation: The Long Now Of Finance - A Framework For The Next 10 000 Years Panel Discussion
18 May 2010 London Accord Spring Conference 2010 - Climate Change: Structuring Cleantech Investment Conference
11 May 2010 Centre for The Study of Financial Innovation: Synthetic Reserve Currencies Round Table
06 May 2010 Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation: The Competitiveness of the City in a Post-Crisis World Round Table
04 May 2010 Securities Industry Management Association: Long Finance And Politics Member Presentation
28 April 2010 The Romantic Economist Addresses The Limits Of Knowledge In Markets Lecture
28 April 2010 Finance Dublin Global Financial Centres Index Conference - Dublin
31 March 2010 Ultrahedge Film Premiere Premiere
30 March 2010 Dublin European Insurance Forum Innovation Island Conference - Dublin
25 March 2010 In Search Of The Eternal Coin: A Long Finance View Of History Round Table
24 March 2010 Strategies And Opportunities To Invest In Low Carbon Automotive Conference
02 March 2010 Time To Stop Betting The House: Mortgages, Resilience And The Long Finance Round Table
19 February 2010 Sustainable City Awards Ceremony Awards Ceremony
01 February 2010 Long Finance Spring Conference 2010 - Enduring Value Conference
21 January 2010 Post-Copenhagen Breakfast With Lord Mayor Nick Anstee Discussion
16 November 2009 Dublin City Office - Global Financial Centres 6: What Can We Learn From International Rankings? Conference - Dublin
06 November 2009 LSE ADMIS - Long Finance Conference
02 November 2009 all Financial Services Club - Scotland the Brand Conference
08 October 2009 Insurance Institute of Ireland Long Finance: When Would We Know Our Financial System Is Working? Conference - Dublin
15 October 2009 London Accord Autumn Conference 2009 - New Financial Products and Indices Conference
14 October 2009 Gresham College - What Makes A Successful Financial Centre? Lecture
08 October 2009 Insurance Institute of Ireland When Would We Know Our Financial System Is Working? Conference - Dublin
23 September 2009 Will Sustainable Investing Survive the Recession? Lecture
17 July 2009 The Road To Long Finance Round Table
22 June 2009 Metamorphoses - The Terrible Beauty Of Change Lecture
31 March 2009 Bruegel Finance Focus Financial Hubs In The Crisis: Who Loses, Who Wins? Roundtable - Brussels
31 March 2009 Bruegel Finance Focus - Financial Hubs in Crisis Who Loses Who Wins? Breakfast event
24 March 2009 Investment Opportunities For A Low Carbon World Conference
20 March 2009 Copenhagen Finance IT Region Challenges For Copenhagen As A Financial Metropole Conference and Television - Copenhagen
20 March 2009 CFIR - Challenges for Copenhagen as a Financial Metropole Conference - Copenhagen
12 March 2009 Symposium: What Makes A Good Auditor?
29 January 2009 Forests, Carbon and Finance - Breakfast Meeting Symposium
29 January 2009 Forest, Carbon & Finance Breakfast event
22 October 2008 Financial Services Club Ireland The Impact of the Global Credit Crisis upon Ireland's Banks and Financial Markets Presentation - Dublin
22 October 2008 Financial Services Club Ireland The Impact of the Global Credit Crisis Conference - Dublin
27 June 2008 This Imperious Company - The East India Company and the Modern Multinational Lecture
15 June 2008 Finance Dublin Global Financial Centres: Rise and Fall Conference - Dublin
15 June 2008 Finance Dublin Global Financial Centres: Rise and Fall Conference - Dublin
03 June 2008 MondoVisione Exchange Forum - The Global Financial Centres Index 3 Conference
29 April 2008 A Robust World Via Vigorous Markets Conference
25 April 2008 Topics In The History Of Financial Mathematics: Early Commerce To Chaos In Modern Stock Markets
15 April 2008 Worldcom Group - Working Smarter In A Changing Global Economy Conference
15 April 2008 Worldcom Group - Working Smarter In A Changing Global Economy - Amsterdam
11 April 2008 European Chief Procurement Officers' Club The London Accord - Implications For The Corporation Conference - Berlin
30 January 2008 The London Accord - Sustainable Finance And Climate Change Conference
19 December 2007 The London Accord 2007 Publication Launch
19 November 2007 Toronto Financial Services Alliance - Global Financial Centres Conference
28 September 2007 Exchange Invest Conference - Global Financial Centres Index 2 Conference
11 July 2007 Associate Parliamentary Group on Wholesale Financial Markets and Services So far but not so good? What next? Climate Change & Carbon Emissions - What Market Mechanisms Does The Industry Need? Discussion & debate
25 June 2007 GLA -London as a Global Financial Centre Conference
21 May 2007 Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK - London as a Global Financial Centre Now and in the Future
29 March 2007 London Accord Spring Conference 2007 Two days forum
15 March 2007 MIPIM - The Global Financial Centres Index Conference
21 September 2006 Productivity And Capital Markets: Globalization Meets Parish-Pump Politics
10 June 2006 Private Banks Start Feeling the Pressure of Wholesale Banking Technology
09 November 2005 London's Ranking as an International Financial Centre Conference
01 January 1970 Homo Sapiens: An Endangered Species Lecture