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GFCI 19 Introduction

The GFCI provides profiles, ratings and rankings for financial centres, drawing on two separate sources of data – instrumental factors and responses to an online survey.  The GFCI was created in 2005 and first published by Z/Yen Group in March 2007.  The GFCI is updated and re-published each March and September.  This is the nineteenth edition (GFCI 19).  102 financial centres are actively researched.  86 financial centres appear in GFCI 19.  The remaining 16 ‘associate centres’ will join the index when they receive a sufficient number of assessments.

Instrumental factors:  previous research indicates that many factors combine to make a financial centre competitive.  We group these factors into five broad ‘spheres of competitiveness’: Business Environment, Financial Sector Development, Infrastructure, Human Capital and Reputational and General Factors.  Evidence of a centre’s performance in these spheres is drawn from a range of external measures.  For example, evidence about the telecommunications infrastructure competitiveness of a financial centre is drawn from the ICT Development Index and the Telecommunication Infrastructure Index (both supplied by the United Nations), the Networked Readiness Index (supplied by the World Economic Forum), and the Web Index (supplied by the World Wide Web Foundation).  102 instrumental factors have been used in GFCI 19. A full list of these factors is available here.

Financial centre assessments: GFCI uses responses to an ongoing online questionnaire (please participate here) completed by international financial services professionals.  Respondents are asked to rate those centres with which they are familiar and to answer a number of questions relating to their perceptions of competitiveness.  Responses from 3,016 financial services professionals were collected in the 24 months to December 2015.  These responses provided over 57 thousand financial centre assessments of which 25,650 were used to compute GFCI 19, with older assessments discounted according to age.  Full details of the methodology behind GFCI 19 is available here.