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Aubrey Meyer Discussion started by Aubrey Meyer 7 years ago
A deal for UNFCCC-compliance is really needed at COP-17 Durban, December 2011.

It is yet achievable with C&C.

*The Issue remaining* is simply now getting governments to agree the same rate of convergence.

At COP-15 the Annex One countries prescribed 2050 as the convergence year.
Before COP-15 the Chinese Government prescribed 2010 as the convergence year.

The solution is obvious - you're nearly there; negotiate to the middle of this: -

References for the above are here: -
Detail here: -

Support for C&C is now vast and diverse: -

Discussing ways to make what is achievable actually happen is very desirable now.
Aubrey Meyer
Aubrey Meyer Top medics advocate C&C at BMA Conference: - 7 years ago
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