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Trading The Future: Investing In Cryptocurrencies And ICOs


Monday, 23 October 2017




The Chartered Insurance Institute,

20 Aldermanbury, London EC2V 7HY. Map


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Cardano Project
Twenty Thirty AG
Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance






Trading The Future: Investing In Cryptocurrencies & ICOs

Monday, 23 October 2017, 13:30-19:00

The Chartered Insurance Institute 

Educational Trade Fair

 If you would like to speak at the event and/or have a free stand,
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Registration at 13:30 for a 14:00 start

During the event, 10-minute talks on the following topics will take place. 

How Does the Public Form Views Around New and Emerging Technologies and What is the Impact of These Views on Public Policy?

Alternative Investment: From Bonds to Cryptocurrencies 

 So You Want to Invest in an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering Success Story

The Ever-Expanding Nature of Cryptocurrencies

Comparing Cryptocurrencies and the Technologies that Underpin them

ICOs Versus Cryptocurrencies: An Investor’s Perspective

Trading Strategies Within Crypto-Space

The US Securities and Exchange Commission Hath Spoken: Regulation and the Future of ICOs


A Long Finance Educational Trade Fair