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The Corporation That Changed the World - The East India Company



Tuesday, 8 January 2012


Nick Robins


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Z/Yen Group, 90 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5AY


08:30 - 10:00

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Being published in its second edition by Pluto Press, ‘The Corporation that Changed the World’ explores how the East India Company shaped the modern multinational and shows why this extraordinary corporation has profound lessons for corporations and society today.

The first edition examined how and why Europe and Asia have such different memories of the Company’s rise and fall, and how the Company reversed the ancient flow of wealth from West to East to benefit Britain, its shareholders and its executives. Robins shows how many of today’s toughest economic problems have deep historical roots. For example, the Company’s shares went through their own ‘Bengal Bubble’; in the process, it became the original ‘too big to fail’ corporation, with the UK government having to it bail it out.

The second edition has been substantially expanded and explores the Company’s enduring global legacy. It investigates how the Company’s spectacular rise and fall were driven by the four forces of finance, technology, monopoly and regulation. Established in London in 1600, the Company had monopoly control over all trade with Asia and evolved from a commercial enterprise focused on spices, textiles and tea to a corporation ruling large parts of India, until its demise in 1857.

Nick Robins has over 20 years' experience in the policies and practical realities of corporate accountability. A historian by training, he currently works on sustainable investment at HSBC and has written on the East India Company for the Financial Times, New Statesman and Resurgence.

The themes of ‘The Corporation that Changed the World’ – longevity, modern corporate development and the ultimate descent into financial corruption – chime with many of the concerns of Long Finance. We are delighted for the opportunity to host an open discussion with the author of this interesting and important book.

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