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Long Finance Evidence of Worth 2016

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(including a review of the London Accord and Financial Centre Futures programmes).

Previous Evidence of Worth reports

Our Team

Professor Michael Mainelli, Principal Advisor - Long Finance

Michael is the co-founder of, and Principal Advisor to, the Long Finance initiative. His book, “The Road To Long Finance: A Systems View Of The Credit Scrunch", co-written with Bob Gifford, was the subject of the first Long Finance event in July 2009. Michael's involvement was key in establishing some of the Long Finance programmes including the London Accord and Financial Centre Futures.

Michael is executive director of Z/Yen Group, the City of London’s leading think tank, which he co-founded in 1994 in order to promote societal advance through better finance and technology.

Mark Yeandle, Project Manager - Financial Centre Futures

Mark has project managed the creation and publication of the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) since it was launched in 2007. His role encompasses speaking regularly at international conferences on financial centre competitiveness and conducting research projects for many financial centres including Moscow, Copenhagen, Toronto, Seoul, Shenzhen, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man and Dublin. Mark also developed a role playing game which demonstrates the politics of climate change negotiations. The findings of this form a report that was published as part of the London Accord.

Mark is a Associate Director of the Z/yen Group, holds an MBA in Economics and Corporate Finance and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

As a result of his research into what makes financial centres competitive, Mark is regularly interviewed on international television and radio and has spoken at many international conferences in centres such as Bogotá, Busan, Casablanca, Cayman Islands, Edinburgh, Istanbul, London, Montreal, Moscow, Seoul, and Shenzhen.  Mark has conducted in depth research studies into all the centres mentioned above and others including Casablanca, Copenhagen, Doha, Dubai, Guernsey, Jersey, Shanghai and Toronto.

Simon Mills

Simon Mills has a Masters in Public Administration and an MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment. He began his career by working as a field botanist on Cloud and Elfin rainforest in Northern Costa Rica. His subsequent career encompassed minerals and highways planning, environmental management systems and sustainable development. In 2000 he became Head of Sustainable Development for the City of London, where he developed the UK Government’s submission on financial services to the Johannesburg Earth Summit as well as working on carbon trading, socially responsible investment and climate change adaptation. In 2007 he collaborated with Professor Michael Mainelli on the London Accord before going on to support the Lord Mayor on infrastructure investment and smart cities. He joined Z/yen in 2016 where, in addition to supporting the GFCI, he has delivered research projects on mutual distributed ledgers and green bonds.

Long Finance Advisory Board

The advisory board comprises a core group of individuals who provide an expert perspective on the publications, activities and events carried out through the Long Finance initiative. Through regular meetings we develop strategies for the extension of key Long Finance concepts and ideas; get insight into new projects and developments; and discuss any broader topics which we think are of relevance to our Long Finance work.