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Distributed Futures

Distributed Futures has evolved from a quadrennial forum for a few select to a fully fledged, open source research programme aiming to explore, learn, and educate on the issues surrounding the development and establishment of Smart Ledgers and other new technologies.  

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London Accord

The London Accord acts as a nexus between the financial services industry and society to encourage long-term thinking on finance and environmental, social & governance (ESG) issues. The portal provides free access to over 420 investment research reports shared by 60 contributing organisations primarily from the financial services sector.

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Financial Centre Futures

Financial Centre Futures initiates discussion on the changing landscape of global finance, seeking to explore how finance might work in the future. The publication series comprises the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) which measures and assesses the competitiveness of existing financial centres on a bi-annual basis.

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Global Green Finance Index 

The Global Green Finance Index (GGFI) is an initiative sponsored by the MAVA Foundation, and delivered by Finance Watch and Long Finance, that seeks to encourage financial centres to become greener and develop financial services in a way that enables society to live within planetary boundaries.

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Meta-Commerce maps the road to Long Finance by identifying and structuring the critical questions underlying the viability of the financial system. It brings together financial experts across a range of disciplines with a view to producing a framework of questions by which to direct action and research.

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Eternal Coin

The Eternal Coin programme aims to re-think the concept of value, taking a long-term and inter-generational approach. It is an educative programme teaching the theory and mechanics of currencies, and initiates discussion on the composition of a currency which would enable sustainability.

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