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Financial Centre Futures

Financial Centre Futures initiates discussion on the changing landscape of global finance, seeking to explore how finance might work in the future.

Financial Centre Futures comprises the Global Financial Centres Index, which measures and assesses the competitiveness of existing financial centres on a bi-annual basis, thanks to input provided by nearly 2,000 financial services professionals worldwide. Other research in this programme explores major changes to the way we live and work in the financial system of the next 100 years.

By highlighting and discussing potential drivers of change in the architecture of global finance over the long-term, Financial Centre Futures contributes to the overarching goals of Long Finance – to expand frontiers, change systems, deliver services and build communities.

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Research services

The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) gives a lot of information about the competitiveness of leading financial centres. However, it can be very valuable for a financial centre to discover in greater detail how their own centre fares in the individual areas of competitiveness and the perceptions of global financial professionals. Find out more about GFCI-related research services for financial centres.