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GFCI Sponsorship Opportunities

GFCI Sponsorship Opportunities

Members of the Long Finance team have been studying the competitiveness of financial centres for well over a decade and in March 2007, the first Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) was published. This six monthly publication has become a significant event for financial centres around the world. The City of London sponsored issues 1 to 7 and the GFCI was the City of London’s most widely distributed research publication. GFCI now enjoys wide press coverage in global and national press and television from China, to the USA, to Europe.  GFCI 8 to GFCI 13 was sponsored by the Qatar Financial Centre.

The GFCI series has been expanded into a more rounded research programme - “Financial Centre Futures”. This programme consists of the Global Financial Centres Index (published twice a year), interim updates every three months, one large conference and other workshops per year.  We are currently working in collaboration with The China Development Institute to produce Financial Centre Futures.  An outline of the annual programme is:

Event Location Date
Publish March GFCI and produce custom mini-reports for sponsors Worldwide Early March
Roundtable/workshop to discuss results of March GFCI London or Sponsor location April
Publish 'interim GFCI' online Worldwide June
Publish September GFCI and produce custom mini-reports for sponsors Worldwide Early September
Roundtable/workshop to discuss results of September GFCI London or Sponsor location Late September
Annual 'Financial Centre Futures'/Long Finance Conference London or Sponsor location October
Publish 'interim GFCI' on internet Worldwide December

A number of sponsorship opportunities are available to organisations that promote financial centres covered by the GFCI or financial services firms that serve them. There is a maximum of three primary sponsors (including the QFCA).

Benefits of sponsoring the GFCI include:

  • becoming ‘part of’ the GFCI , Financial Centre Futures and Long Finance brands and being positioned as an organisation committed to long-term improvement in financial services
  • Financial Centre Futures is a central programme within the Long Finance initiative, providing yet more coverage for your brand
  • branding on four reports per annum
  • branding on the two quarterly updates ('interim GFCI') published online
  • branding on all other GFCI and Financial Centre Futures related communications including the continuous online questionnaire and approximately 20,000 emails to promote the GFCI questionnaire that go out twice a year
  • having access to GFCI data and receiving analytical services to produce ‘Sponsor Centre Specific’ results and research – including mini-indices comparing the Sponsor Centre with other ‘peer group’ (very similar) financial centres
  • branding at two Long Finance conferences per annum – see
  • being main sponsor (and host) of a Future of Financial Centres conference in the sponsor’s home centre once every three years
  • referrals for speaking opportunities
  • being part of an active worldwide financial services community and using this community for additional research – regular “mini-surveys” on specific aspects of financial services to this community to encourage their active participation – asking questions of specific relevance/interest to the sponsors

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Project Manager, Financial Centre Futures.