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The London Accord 2007 - a compendium of 24 reports which set out the context for investments in climate change solutions, analyse individual opportunities and discuss the implications for the construction of investment portfolios.



Mark Fulton and Others

Research organisation

Deutsche Bank

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The 2011 Inflection Point for Energy Markets Health, Safety, Security and the Environment

Report Date

May 2011

Release Date

June 2011

Document summary

Energy transitions are lengthy but can be accelerated by material changes in economics, public sentiment, security and regulatory responses to human health, safety and the environment. The dual impact of the 2011 oil price shock, reflecting both long-term supply/demand trends and security issues in the Middle East/North Africa, and the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan, succeeding years of climate change and carbon emissions discussions, plus the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill are likely to make 2011 a key inflection point in the global energy mix and catalysts for a transition towards cleaner, sustainable and more secure energy sources.