Deception & Truth Analysis For Investors... There Is 86.5% Of Alpha Begging To Be Mined, Right There In Those Reports, Briefings & Transcripts On Your Desk!
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Investing is a people business; but sadly, people lie. Most investment professionals think that the correct way to deal with this problem is to trust their instincts, or to examine body language. These are pan cultural fictions that do not work. After exhaustive testing, science concludes that people are only able to discern lies 54% of the time, with trained professionals shockingly scoring even lower. But there are techniques that do work. In this workshop learn about two deception detection techniques that work: S.U.E., at 88% accuracy, and D.A.T.A., with 87.5% accuracy.

As a unique opportunity, there will be a live competition for all who register: we will be giving you the chance to submit your reports, briefings and transcripts for live testing during the webinar. Up to 3 documents will be chosen and results will be shared live during the show, with full transparency!


Jason A Voss, CFA, is the CEO of Active Investment Management (AIM) Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping investment managers to deliver alpha for the benefit of their clients. He is the retired co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. During his tenure the Fund bested the S&P 500 by 49.1%, was Lipper #1, a Morningstar Analyst Pick, and one of the first ten funds awarded Morningstar’s Stewardship Grade “A.”

He is the inventor of Deception And Truth Analysis, a library of algorithms developed to rapidly assess the deceptiveness or truthfulness of a text. With criminal justice professionals, he conducted history’s first research into the deception detection capabilities of investment professionals, resulting in two pieces of research published in the Journal of Behavioural Finance. Among his many publications is the co-authored Lie Detection Guide: Theory and Practice for Investment Professionals.

Monday, 20 September 2021

16:00 - 16:45 BST


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