Employee Share Schemes: Innovative Communication Strategies Guaranteed To Increase Employee Take-Up


Employee share schemes expert David Craddock will present strategies and techniques that have proved by experience to increase employee take-up, thereby securing involvement in the employee share scheme for employee motivation purposes with the consequential impact on company productivity. When all the legal work has been completed the success or failure of the employee share scheme launch will depend upon the quality and the sensitivity of the employee communication process. In this webinar David will explain advanced employee communication strategies based on cultural indices that provide an understanding of national cultures and enable bespoke solutions to issues that need to be addressed when formulating the employee communications. The webinar also develops an advanced understanding of the role of employee share schemes within the overall context of human resource management and social scientific trends. It also demonstrates how the employee share scheme, when properly implemented and communicated, has the capacity to establish a unity within an international company that spans many different national cultures worldwide. The content of the webinar is all based on the personal experiences of the author and his travels into numerous countries to launch employee share scheme initiatives for many companies across many sectors.


David Craddock is an independent consultant specialising in employee share ownership and reward management. A recognised authority on the subject, he is the author of The Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes, along with many other essential books and courses.

David’s clients range from major public limited companies with international considerations to smaller private companies where the requirements are for Enterprise Management Incentives, tax-unapproved share scheme arrangements and market-making employee share trust structures. David has successfully established employee share schemes and employee benefit arrangements worldwide and to date has travelled to over 30 countries to personally facilitate their introduction. He enhances his service through a long experience in share reconstructions and share valuation.

David is a regular conference speaker for the Esop Centre and senior examiner for The ESOP Institute in London in relation to The Certificate in Employee Share Ownership Studies, the material for which he is author and principal authority.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

12:00 - 12:45 London Time




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