Smart Jurisdictions Index

How have different parts of the world been responding to the growth of distributed ledgers and smart technology? Is this reflected in their regulatory and legal systems? What are the implications for investors?

The Smart Jurisdictions Index (SJI) looks to score differing jurisdictions in terms of their readiness to engage with all types of new products and technology, alongside their general competitiveness. It looks at the areas of identity, documentation, legal arrangements, and payments, alongside measures of general business competitiveness. A guide for both investment and regulatory decisions, the Index provides a snapshot of developing trends in a space that affects everyone.

The webinar focused on the development of the new Index.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Presentation “Smart Jurisdictions Index”
  • Closing remarks

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

15:00 - 15:30


    Mike Wardle Head of Long Finance Financial Centre Futures
    Greg Williams
    Z/Yen Group

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