Z/Yen people love making films, we just don't get enough time or money to do so. However, when we do get a chance we think we do a good job. Here are some of our productions:


Relax! Blockchain is Just a Ledger (Outside In)

ThinkTech Hawaii: Blockchain Applications With Z/Yen (We Like The 1%)


Michael Mainelli Explains Smart Ledgers

Blockchain World Events ‑ Michael Mainelli Interview

Linear Talk: Smart Contracts ‑ FromTechno ‑ Utopia To Reality


Linear Talk: What Is A Mutual Distributed Ledger And Why Is It Important

Sharing Ledgers For Sharing Economies: A Boring Introduction To Mutual Distributed Ledgers ‑ celebrated the completion of our InterChainZ project:


Harry Long was a pilot series of four short films to help teach children about finance - The Eternal Coin

Meet Harry

Noel's Funny Money

Fall of the Harry House (Part I) ‑ Dad Had His Chips Published

Fall of the Harry House (Part II) ‑ Phoenix Chips


Pan Asia Gold Exchange is the odd one out, we got paid to be directors and producers!


Ultrahedge was our 31 March 2010 (hint) production of the apocalyptic impact of quantum finance: