Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Did Long Finance Start?

Long Finance's London Accord, an agreement among investment researchers to share environmental, social and governance research with policy-makers and the public, began in 2005. From 2005 to 2007, the initiative was focused on bringing out a joint piece of 'open source' investment research on climate change, the 2007, 780 page, London Accord report. London Accord discussions, particularly from 2007, led to the publication of Professor Michael Mainelli and Bob Giffords' book “The Road To Long Finance: A Systems View Of The Credit Scrunch” in 2009. It laid out a provocative analysis of the financial crisis in an attempt to widen the debate and to look at ways of re-thinking aspects of the financial system. Work on the book was the catalyst for establishing the Long Finance initiative more permanently and aiming to improve society’s understanding and use of finance over the long-term.

2. What Does Long Finance Do?

Long Finance hosts roundtable events, conferences and seminars; publishes research and thought-pieces from experts in financial services; promotes a sense of community; and runs four programmes which group different aspects of the financial system.

3. What Are The Objectives Of Long Finance?

Long Finance has four major objectives:

  • To Expand Frontiers: By developing methodologies to solve ‘wicked’ financial problems;
  • To Change Systems: By providing evidenced-based examples of how financing methods do and don’t work;
  • To Deliver Services: Such as conferences and collaborative training tools and theory;
  • To Build Communities: Through events and networking.

4. What Is Long Finance Exploring?

The Long Finance Kitchen Cabinet (Advisory Board) tries to set out general research directions, while the Meta-Commerce programme attempts to look further forward. In addition, Long Finance relies on the online community to help everyone explore issues old and new - check out the discussion pages of the Long Finance NEWS group and contribute your thoughts!

5. Who Is Involved In Long Finance?

Long Finance is managed by Z/Yen Group and is supported by Gresham College and the City of London Corporation. An expert perspective on the events, publications and activities carried out through Long Finance is provided by the Advisory Board. Further information is available on the Sponsors and Our Team pages of this website.

6. What Are The Long Finance Programmes?

The four Long Finance programmes are:

7. How Can I Get Involved?

There are a number of ways to be involved in Long Finance - please see our Get Involved page for more details about sponsorship, research opportunities, events and joining the online community.