Blue Economy Screener - Thematic & Impact Investment

Samuel Mary

Research Organisation
Kepler Cheuvreux

Report Date
March 31, 2018

Document summary

This in-depth assessment of the decline in ocean health shows that the tides are turning. The sectors that most jeopardise the resources provided by the sea, such as shipping, wild-catch fisheries, and offshore oil & gas, face mounting pressure to shift their model towards a more sustainable trajectory, which results in a new wave of risks and opportunities, paving the way to a potential recovery. Kepler Cheuvreux’s ‘blue economy framework’ looks to identify best practice among fast-growing ocean-related industries and likely winners and losers. The report concludes that offshore-wind, aquaculture and ship-equipment plays are well placed to provide resource-efficient and climate-friendly solutions, while emerging themes such as the reduction of plastic pollution are gathering steam.