How To Retire Early

Paul Bodnar, Matthew Gray (Carbon Tracker Initiative), Tamara Grbusic, Steve Herz (Sierra Club), Amanda Lonsdale (Magnitude Global Finance), Sam Mardell, Caroline Ott, Sriya Sundaresan (Carbon Tracker Initiative) & Uday Varadarajan (Rocky Mountain Institute and Stanford Sustainable Finance Initiative)

Research Organisation
Carbon Tracker, Sierra Club & Rocky Mountain Institute

Report Date
June 30, 2020

Document summary

Based on a global analysis of nearly 2,500 coal plants, the share of uncompetitive coal plants worldwide will increase rapidly to 60 percent in 2022 and to 73 percent in 2025.

Replacing the entire global coal fleet with clean energy can be done at a net savings to society as early as 2022.

Replacing uncompetitive coal with clean energy could already save electricity customers around the world $39 billion in 2020, and these annual savings rise quickly to $86 billion in 2022 and $141 billion in 2025.

The report lays out specific financial strategies that utilities and policy-makers can use to engineer a faster phase-out of coal in various regions of the world. Further information on this project can be found at Carbon Tracker