Sustainable Investing For Private Wealth and Family Offices

Gavin Ferguson, Andy Sloan & Stephanie Glover

Research Organisation
We Are Guernsey & Ogier

Report Date
Dec. 1, 2020

Document summary

Owners of private wealth and family offices are increasingly concerned with the impact of their investments and the companies they are investing in. This timely report by Guernsey Finance aims to provide clarity on the perceived challenges associated with the inclusion of sustainable clauses within a trust deed.

Supported by a series of illustrative clauses this document provides guidance for family offices, and their advisers, and demonstrates what it may be necessary to include in a trust deed if a client wishes to include sustainability considerations into their portfolio, while maintaining their duties as a trustee.

The report provides clarity on the inclusion of sustainable clauses within a trust deed which can ensure that offering sustainable investments is consistent with the duty of the trustee, to encourage sustainable investing for private wealth and family offices, while maintaining the trustee’s duty to "preserve and enhance, so far as is reasonable, the value of the trust property".

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