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Criteria And Conditions For Accessing & Submitting Research

Research submitted for publication on the London Accord must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Research should be long term and 'thematic', not a list of stock recommendations.
  • Reports should be original, well researched, properly referenced, and numerate.
  • Research should be produced by a credible financial group, academic institution, governmental or non-governmental organisation with knowledge and experience of the financial services sector.
  • Research should focus on the long term implications of social, economic, governance or technological issues relating to financial systems, goods, or services.

Research is submitted to the London Accord on the following basis:

  • Access to the London Accord is free.
  • Individuals may access reports without charge for the purposes of research as many times as they wish.
  • Original reports accessed through this website may not be sold commercially by London Accord’s readership. The copyright remains the sole property of the authoring firm.
  • If reports are used as source material for new research, the author(s) and original publisher of source materials must be acknowledged.


Contributors agree to the following, ideally by sending a signed and dated letter to Z/Yen:

In consideration of the London Accord providing online access to XXX's research (“Research”) on finance, cities and environmental, social & governance (ESG) issues, XXX hereby grants to the London Accord project team (“the London Accord”) a royalty free, non-exclusive licence to distribute free of charge its Research on the London Accord section of Long Finance website until such date when XXX requests its Research to be removed from the website.The London Accord may not:

  • Change or alter any parts of the Research that is to be displayed on the London Accord;
  • Further re-distribute the Research to any third party data vendors;
  • Or sell the contents of the Research in whole or in part to any individual, institution, or third party data vendor.

Title to, and ownership of, all intellectual property rights embodied by or otherwise incorporated in the Research shall remain with XXX. Except as provided in this letter, nothing shall be construed to grant the London Accord any right, title or interest in or to the Research.

XXX warrants to the London Accord that XXX has full power to grant the non-exclusive right and licence to use the Research according to the terms outlined in this letter to the London Accord.

XXX further warrants that, to the best of their knowledge, the Research reports are original to XXX and do not infringe any existing copyright or pre-existing licence, that it contains nothing obscene or defamatory and that all statements made therein purporting to be facts are fairly recorded, and that all comments are made fairly.

SIGNED for and on behalf of:

dummy signature

Print Name: Res Earcher

Title: Executive Director

Date: January 24th 1984

If you would like to donate appropriate investment research to the London Accord, or have further queries, please contact Michael Mainelli.

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