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The Farsight Award rewards the best individual piece of analysis done by an investment research institution that integrates traditional financial analysis with longer-term environmental, social & governance issues.

First created by Z/Yen in 2006, with support from Gresham College, Universities Superannuation Scheme and the London Accord, this award scheme ran independently until 2008 it collaborated with the Sustainable City Awards, currently organised by the London Sustainability Exchange.

All reports on finance and environmental, social & governance (ESG) issues that have been released on the London Accord website are automatically considered for the Farsight Award.

The judging panel convenes between December and January each year to decide on a shortlisted and chose a winner and highly commended reports, based on the criteria of originality, readability & clarity, sophistication & depth as well as financial usefulness.

Winners of the Farsight Awards do not attend a lavish awards ceremony.

They are presented with a modest glass trophy and are rewarded with the knowledge that their research has been judged outstanding by their peers.

Farsight Award 2017/18

This year six reports were shortlisted out of a field of 30.

After careful consideration our panel of expert judges decided that Trucost, part of S&P Dow Jones Indices should be awarded the coveted Farsight Award Trophy for their report on "Plastics And Sustainability: A Valuation Of Environmental Benefits, Costs And Opportunities For Continuous Improvement".

Access the Press Release here.

Trucost Receive Farsight Trophy
The Trucost Team Recieve the Farsight Trophy From Alice Chapple.

What our Judges said about the report:

The short-listed reports spanned a wide range of environmental, social and governance issues, reflecting the ever-increasing focus on these topics as drivers of value in investments. We selected the report by Trucost on ‘Plastics and Sustainability: A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement’ because its in-depth analysis of the environmental costs and benefits of the plastics industry generates useful information on risks and opportunities in the sector; challenges some traditional assumptions; and can inform investment selection and engagement. No doubt the methodology can be developed and refined in relation to specific sectors and technologies, but Trucost's report lays a very valuable foundation for further analysis and action in this important area.

Receiving coveted “HIGHLY COMMENDED” status were:

Our shortlisted reports, listed below are a powerful demonstration that analysts in the financial services sector identify key environmental and social issues well before they enter public consciousness.

Climate Policy Initiative: Green Bonds For Cities: A Strategic Guide For City-Level Policymakers In Developing Countries

An excellent analysis of the opportunities and pitfalls of accessing green bonds for urban policymakers in developing economies. Detailed and numerate yet accessible. Epitomises what the London Accord is all about- providing insightful analysis which provides a resource for policy makers

FAIRR Initiative, Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics & Aviva Investors: Superbugs And Super Risks: The Investment Case For Action

An insightful and terrifying primer for investors on how to understand a company’s strategy to manage and mitigate antibiotic risk within the livestock industry.

Ranking Digital Rights: Poor Digital Rights Performance— Who Pays the Price?

A useful introduction to an important and oft overlooked issue, this report provides valuable insight and analysis for both investors and policy makers.

Trucost: Plastics And Sustainability: A Valuation Of Environmental Benefits, Costs And Opportunities For Continuous Improvement

A detailed and thorough analysis of the economic ramifications of one of the most pressing environmental issues of our age. This report identifies the sectors and industries which are affected by attempts pollution from plastics and the investment consequences of attempts to tackle the issue.

UBS: Extreme Automation And Connectivity: The Global, Regional, And Investment Implications Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This fascinating report tackles the “fourth industrial revolution”, contextualising it within the broad sweep of history before focusing in to examine the ramifications for society, the economy, and investors at a global and regional scale.

The Met Office And Lloyd's of London: The Risk Of Global Weather Connections

This report examines the links between extreme weather events occurring in separate regions of the world that can take place over a range of timescales from days to years. Lloyd’s worked with the Met Office to develop this innovative study, which for the first time analyses the potential links between weather events globally allowing reinsurers to use the report to model scenarios across their global portfolios.

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