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San Francisco has been rising as a financial centre for some years. From 15th in 2010, San Francisco has risen to 8th place in Global Financial Centres Index 27 (March 2020). Part of this is attributable to the increasing power of technology companies in payment markets, but quite a bit is equally due to San Francisco’s increasing mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity and its rising importance as a hub for investment in technology. In turn, as San Francisco extends its international reach it finds itself increasingly using London as a hub for global technology & financial connections. In this webinar, we will explore the opportunities and ongoing projects in both centres and discuss where this strong trend may lead for both centres as bridges between technology & finance. The webinar will consist of:

  • a quick recap of London’s role as an international hub, including its technology and finance sectors, including fintech
  • an overview of San Francisco as a financial sector
  • some examples of businesses using these connections to ‘bridge’ global technology opportunities
  • a discussion with the audience of ways to increase opportunities to work together


Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman & CEO, US Capital Global. Jeffrey is a lifelong entrepreneur with extensive experience in leading firms with a forward-thinking approach. Currently Chairman and CEO of US Capital Global, a full-service private financial services group headquartered in San Francisco, Jeffrey is a keen supporter of technological innovations that can help to improve and grow the finance sector.

Now in its twentieth year, US Capital Global has established itself as a FinTech investment bank through deploying a successful strategy that leverages technological innovation (FinTech) and regulatory developments (RegTech). The group is a leading provider of sophisticated financing solutions and investment opportunities for lower middle market businesses. Under Jeffrey’s leadership, the group consistently fulfils its commitment to doing well by doing good through facilitating profitable economic development that also has a positive social and environmental impact.

Prior to being a financier, Jeffrey served as a principal and CEO of Machine Works Corporation, a lower middle market aerospace manufacturing company. His experience leading a business in the highly-regulated aerospace manufacturing industry has led to his appreciation of the need to work closely with regulators while adopting technological solutions to innovate in the sector. This successful approach has been brought over to US Capital Global, where leveraging innovation and regulatory developments has been a key driver in the firm’s growth as a FinTech investment bank.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

17:00 - 17:45 BST


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    Jeffrey Sweeney
    Chairman & CEO
    US Capital Global
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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