How To NFT A Greenland Rare Earths Mine
Webinar - USA

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Often the first uses of a new technology seem frivolous in hindsight. Blockchain technology spent its first few years in the public eye as the backbone for inherently value-less “cryptocurrencies.” As the sky-high values of things like BTC and ETH were soaring, blockchains were adapted to NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, the headline grabbing examples of which were digital pictures of drunk hominids on sailboats. Fair enough, if you’re a silly celebrity who has slipped past your financial handlers and blown $300,000 on a digital picture some kid threw together in the basement last week.

As that goofiness recedes, the adults in the market are slowly coming to realize how powerful the NFT structure is for smoothing trading and providing bulletproof audit trails for real assets like property and commodities. Christopher Messina has spent his career seeing connections across industries. In this case he saw the potential to create relative liquidity in commodity markets that have no centralized platform. As CEO of Tanbreez, the world’s largest rare earths, zirconium and tantalum mine in Greenland, he realized that NFTs are the perfect structure to connect commercial buyers of critical minerals directly with the mine producing them. Join us for an engaging discussion on this new offering, the Critical Minerals NFT.


Christopher Messina is the Managing Director of Mannahatta Partners, LLC, a 15-year-old specialist advisory firm focused on fintech and capital markets innovation. Over the years, he has been an early champion of alternative beta funds, multi-parametric fuzzy set theory physical commodity pricing and moving exchanges from floor trading to electronic platforms.

Mr Messina is the CEO of Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S, a Member of the Advisory Board of Premium Nickel Resources (TSX.V:PNRL), and is on the Strategic Advisory Board of Baker Street Scientific, the next generation data analytical platform. Prior to setting up Mannahatta Partners, Mr Messina was the Chief Operating Officer for the Global Futures & Managed Hedge Funds business at ICAP plc and a Specialist Advisor to McKinsey & Company’s Silicon Valley practice.

He has worked with Goldman Sachs in New York and Goldman Sachs JBWere in Australia in operational risk, proprietary investments and quantitative research. While at Goldman Sachs in 1999, he was part of the team that created BrokerTec Global, the fully-electronic, fixed income inter-dealer broker that was acquired by ICAP in 2003, as well as creating BrokerTec Futures, later sold to Deutsche Börse. He has an AB in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, where he was a National Merit Scholar, and an MBA in Finance & Strategy from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Host of the Messy Times podcast, writer for the Brownstone Institute and contributing author to Shari'ah Compliant Private Equity: A Primer for the Executive (Euromoney Books, 2010), he has lectured on derivatives, hedge funds, Shar'iah finance and artificial intelligence at law schools and conferences globally. Mr Messina is a member the New York Coal Trade Association and the UAE-Israel Business Council.


Patrick L Young is Executive Director of Valereum PLC (Aquis VLRM). Patrick has over 30 years experience in investing and has been working online since 1994. He wrote the first bestselling book about financial technology - "fintech" - "Capital Market Revolution! - the future of markets in an online world" (Financial Times) in 1999 and most recently "Victory of Death - Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & The FinTech World" (2020 DV Books). He was chairman of the Blockchain Malta Association and edited the book "DLT Malta - Thoughts From the Blockchain Island" (2019, DV Books). A lifelong entrepreneur, Patrick also publishes the daily bulletin of the bourse business "Exchange Invest."

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

15:00 - 15:45 GMT


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  • Christopher Messina
    Christopher Messina
    Managing Director
    Mannahatta Partners
  • Patrick Young
    Patrick L Young
    Executive Director
    Valereum PLC

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