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An open source research programme for Smart Ledgers and new technologies

Distributed Futures

Distributed Futures is a Long Finance programme dedicated to exploring new technologies and finance. A large portion of the programme looks as Smart Ledgers, but also wider technologies ranging from quantum computing to machine learning to biological finance. Specifically, Smart Ledgers are multiorganisational databases with a super audit trail (often based on blockchains, used since 2009 in cryptocurrencies) with embedded programming and sensing, thus permitting semi-intelligent, autonomous transactions.


Our research is structured around four themes:

  • Society
  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Politics

Directed at four outcomes:

  • Expanding frontiers
  • Changing systems
  • Delivering services
  • Building communities

Economic Control of Alternate Currencies Simulator


  • To develop an economic simulator capable of simulating characteristics of hypothetical alternative currencies (e.g. cryptocurrencies), their users, environment, exchanges, etc.
  • To be freely available to use online.
  • Supporting design, development, control, and also regulation of alternative currencies.
  • With the goal of making them genuinely useful and competitive as currencies and electronic payment systems, in the long term too.

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