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The Distributed Futures Research Programme will be of value to stakeholders in many areas:

  • Industry
    The wide applicability of smart ledgers means that we intend to engage with a diverse range of industries including banking, insurance, trading, shipping, logistics, identity, law, accountancy, agriculture, forestry, fishing, music, advertising, mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, the voluntary sector and the public sector.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Our research programme will be shared openly to speed learning.
  • Regulators
    Our research will contribute to thinking and consultations.
  • Researchers
    Our programme hopes to become one of the core research hubs for Smart Ledgers.
  • Financiers
    Our network provides access to a ground-breaking new industrial sector.
  • Governments
    Our community should help governments shape policy for the common good.


To aid our research, Distributed Futures will be holding conferences, training courses and events, while disseminating research projects through journals and publications.

In partnership with Cardano Foundation and Long Finance, Distributed Futures aims to create a collaborative and responsive community of stakeholders.


For joint research opportunities or sponsorship, please contact:

Distributed Futures
c/o Z/Yen Group
41 Lothbury
London EC2R 7HG

Distributed Futures Blogs

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