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When Is It Happening?

We have an ambitious and varied list of research projects and activities. Over the next two years we expect to address some of the projects below, and more.

We anticipate that as the field matures we may be providing more services such as test harnesses, intellectual property vehicles, and perhaps even mutual vehicles for areas of cooperation, such as infrastructure, insurance, indemnities, standards, co-regulation, and lobbying.

Indicative Timeline


Our Research Structure

DF Research Structure

What We're Already Doing

Our programme includes a wide variety of activities ranging from developing new technologies, proofs-of-concept demonstrators and pilots, through research papers and commissioned research, to events, seminars, lectures, and online fora.

As well as today’s focus on payments, Smart Ledgers are particularly suited to identity, document, and agreement exchange.

Along the way we hope to develop courses, games, simulators, and benchmarking services.

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